About Us

We Build Quality Projects, Trust and Lasting Relationships.  

When Superior Steel & Ironworkers was incorporated on April 01, 2006, founder Jim Edwards wanted to create a name that would be synonymous with workmanship, innovation, and integrity. Since its incorporation, Superior Steel has done exactly that.

We guarantee the best in class services throughout the entire construction process: scheduling, budgeting, value engineering, on-site activities, and post project support. We work largely with repeat clients, and historically have had minimal staff and crew turnover.

Innovation is what drives Superior Steel.  Where other companies hesitate, we thrive on technically demanding jobs that other firms simply can’t execute.

We encourage you to contact us for a list of our satisfied customers.

Superior Steel & Ironworkers is a full service steel erection company, with projects ranging from small miscellaneous metal jobs to large complex structural jobs. Structural erection projects consist of columns, beams, trusses, joists & decking, relief angle, elevator divider & hoist beams, and much more. Miscellaneous packages may include: stairs, rails, landings, balconies, canopies, bollards and much more.

We specialize in the following:

  • Commercial Structural, Metal Decking and Miscellaneous Steel

  • Stairs and Railings

  • Canopies

  • Roof Frames and Door Frames

  • Field welding services

  • Industrial work

  • Additions and remodels

  • Stainless Steel, Decorative Specialties

  • Reinforcement of Structural Steel and Joist

Built for Quality, Performance and Safety
Superior Steel & Ironworkers has grown to meet the unique needs and ever-changing demands of the steel fabrication industry. Our customers desire our fully-integrated detailing, project management, fabrication, delivery and erection services. We have over 550,000 square feet of combined fabrication and production space in the US.  

We stand out from competitors by building quality and efficiency into everything we do.

  • Assistance from the design processes to minimize material, labor, and shipping costs throughout the entire fabrication process.

  • Commitment to quality results in minimal fabrication errors.

  • Project teams with proven management ability work to produce a project that results on even complex projects.

  • Superior Steel & Ironworkers offers our customers a commitment to quality and a promise of superior performance, durability, and satisfaction. Our efficient processes and the benefit of owning our fabrication shop helps to ensure speed to completion.

All of this means we save you time and money on top of delivering the highest quality product.